A Poem for the End of the World


The world broke in two this morning,
when we were thinking of something else.
Something tired and out of focus.
You don’t expect the world to split apart
so you don’t think about it until it happens.
And then it happens but never in the way you would expect.
It happens quiet.
There’s the falling and there’s the feeling of falling
even when you’re not.
There’s the sound of train wheels
screeching in your ears
and you’re not sure if anyone else can hear it.
When the world falls apart,
you turn to the sky and ask the sun why it broke the earth’s heart.
This morning, the world broke in two
and the moon crashed into the ocean.
The whales fled in fear of what wasn’t theirs.
The sharks came and circled their prey.
Devoured the light with such violence.
Tonight, we are two people in darkness,
standing at…

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